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Dump Truck Repair
Despite the 2008/2009 U.S. Financial Fiasco, Lenders are in fact giving out money to help companies finance dump trucks. It's getting harder though. If you have tried and were not able to do so, just know that there are options.

If you've got strong credit in the 680 or higher range and you don't have any major negative items, you have a two to three year business history, a good financial package, etc., then your funding quest for a dump truck should not be to challenging.

In the event you are starting a new business and you have lower credit scores, it will be a little harder. Many lenders have seen an onslaught of repossessions with dump trucks, so many of them have said they don't wish to finance any dump trucks for the time being.
ARE YOU WILLING TO BE MORE FLEXIBLE? If so, you may have some killer options to get you dump truck money and create a better life for you and your family

Here is a way to get dump truck funding if you don't have perfect credit or are a new company. Get a truck from a lender or lessor's inventory. Yep, if you make a minor concession and are willing to get your dump truck from a lender's stock, then the lenders will make financing concessions for you. You can get a truck if:

You've had a recent bankruptcy (has to be discharged though)
If your credit score (Trans Union) is as low as 600 (if you need a co-signer the two scores will be averaged)
They'll do a brand new business with almost no documentation
They'll hook you up even if you don't have a down payment (you normally only need 1 payment due initially)
They'll hook you up even if you don't have strong, good, or even decent looking financials (they're not even needed & you just need a one page application and supply insurance)
Have you always dreamed of starting your own business and making a better life for you and your family OR do you have a business, but can't get financing for a dump truck? If so AND if you are not the best money borrowing candidate, there is hope. At this point, finding out if you can get the dump truck money is just a click away.

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Used Dump Trucks - Are Lenders Giving Out Money For Dump Trucks in the 2008-2009 Financial Fiasco?
By Shawn Vaillancourt
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